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Friendsters, prepare for a total system reboot ...

Digital accessories just kicked up a notch in vitality thanks
to a surge in colour-boosting energy. Fresh and original —
the freedom to express your individuality buzzes with a dash of Tonic.

Why stick to only one case when you can have a collection that matches every mood and every single outfit? No matter whether you're hitting the beach or heading out for a big night, Tonic has you covered.

Created to match your fast, full-on lifestyle, Tonic boasts a wide range of must-have yet affordable iPhone 4 cases, earphones, headphones, speakers and compact digital accessories for when you're on the go. Tonic cables (re)charge your batteries smartly and keep your audio devices well-connected because we totally get the importance of sharing all the good stuff with friends.

With Tonic, you're guaranteed an endless splash of variety, vibrancy and juicy design. It's here at last — non-stop inspiration rocking the latest digital trends.

Life is calling. Simply add some Tonic.

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